Welcome to Sensopolis - The city of the senses!

Sensopolis was established in 2002 by three entrepreneurs to provide creativity, innovation and consultancy services across a wide range of industries. The team has changed over time to reflect the markets requirements but the commitment to quality and service remains the same. Since its inception the services have become more focused on what our clients have found to be the most exciting and interesting:
Consultancy - with a wealth of experience in the management of business from small operations to multinationals, all have gained from the dynamism offered by Sensopolis in generating new ideas, new products, new markets and new ways of tackling problems. We now offer Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor services for ADR compliance aimed primarily at paint companies previously covered by the 2018 exemptions

Producers of the World renowned Nanoguard ACP range of non toxic anti corrosive pigments and Sensowhite 4.

Chemical Sales and Marketing - Offering discrete sales and marketing assistance when entering new markets and launching new products, whether it be in Europe, Africa and the Middle East or South America. Sensopolis offer a more cost effective solution to make your marketing budget go further.

Sensopolis offer a unique range of resins and curing agents to suit the modern environmental constraints  

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Arrange a meeting with us at:

The European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA), Vienna Centre 25th - 28th November 2023

Abrafati Coatings Show, Sao PauloExpo, Brazil  - 21-23 November 2023

Surfex Coatings Show, Coventry  4-5 June 2024

visit us on our distributor's stand by sending an email to busdev@sensopolis.com to arrange a meeting